2018-2019 Officers & Board...

President: Alex Kosmala
M.S., Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, UIUC, 1989
Communications Chair: Mark Ulrich
B.S., Chemical Engineering, UIUC, 1980
Scholarship Chair: Ryan Almon
B.S., Journalism, UIUC, 1996
Treasurer: Larry Burns
B.S., Architectural Studies, UIUC, '74 & M. Arch. '76
Activities: Doug Litteken
B.S. & M.S., Mechanical Engineering, UIUC, 2011 & 2015  
Secretary: Jennifer Luth
B.S., Animal Sciences, UIUC, 2000
Director: Adelqui Boué
 B.A., Economics, UIUC, 1992

Director: Anna Catalano
B.S., Business Administration, UIUC, 1982 
Director: Mike Davis
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, UIUC, 1976

Director: Bob Morgan
D.M.A., Music Composition, UIUC, 1974 
  Officers and Directors were elected to serve from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
Questions or Feedback
If you have any questions or comments about UIAC of Houston club or website please contact our club's president. We would especially be interested knowing what types of club events that you would like to see. The Houston Illini Club relies upon volunteers who enjoy the comraderie of their fellow alumni by assisting in organizing events, serving as officers, etc.. Please allow us to learn of your interests by completing a brief surveyFinally, you may also contact us via postal mail at the following address:

UI Alumni Club of Houston
P.O. Box 542314
Houston, TX  77254

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