With your guests join the Houston Illini Club for a pre-Cubs/Astros social event in Minute Maid Park at St. Arnold's Bar on Monday, May 15 at 6 pm!

What: Prior to the Cubs vs. Astros game join us in Minute Maid Park at St. Arnold's Bar, section 104, on Monday, May 15th at 6 pm. Besides meeting-up we will draw to determine the winner of two YETI® Illinois Roadie 24 Coolers, each a $300 value! As the cost of the two coolers are covered by the UIAA, all proceeds goes towards the club's scholarship fund! You do not need to attend to be eligible, as if you win you may either pick up your cooler at a club event, or, Jason Cables will ship anywhere in the USA! Consequently, feel free to share this opportunity with your Illini network.

Why:  Have a great time with other Illini and guests as we meet-up pre Cubs/Astros game in Minute Maid Park's St. Arnold Bar (section 104), and draw for two Illinois YETI® coolers!

When: Monday, Monday, May 15 at 6 pm

Where: Minute Maid Park's St. Arnolds' Bar (section 104), a destination bar with a beer garden feel featuring seasonal favorites from Houston's St. Arnold Brewery.

Cost: Note that as each YETI® Cooler's cost (each a $300 value) is donated by the UIAA, ALL proceeds goes towards the Houston Illini Club's Scholarship Fund!! You may purchase:

*Announcement*… the winners of the two UIAA-donated Illinois YETI coolers, as witnessed by Clay Whitehead⁩, Dale Libby⁩, Dorothy Lillig⁩ and several other Illini were: Mike Davis and Mark Ulrich. It is with amazement and gratitude that the club officers recognize the generosity of our members to achieve the $1300 which was entirely contributed to the scholarship fund via sale of the 161 raffle tickets, with details shown below. 


  • With any questions contact the Houston Illini's pre-game event organizer, Mark Ulrich, or Jason Cables.
  • As of May 15, 2023, the following Houston Illini have purchased 161 raffle tickets, resulting in $1,300 total contributions to the club's scholarship fund!
    • Mike Davis, 26 raffle tickets, $200
    • Mark Ulrich, 26 raffle tickets, $200
    • Brittany Badolato, 13 raffle tickets, $100
    • Jason Cables, 13 raffle tickets, $100
    • Frank Wengler, 13 raffle tickets, $100
    • Greg Bettis, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Michael Croissant, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Diane Gerlich, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Stephen Henderson, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Christina Kearns, 6 raffle tickets​​​​​​, $50
    • Dorothy Lillig, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Adam Michalak, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • David Nielsen, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Michael Skweres, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Lawrence Vondrak, 6 raffle tickets, $50
    • Stephanie Potisek Lee, 2 raffle tickets, $20
    • Jennifer Smulin Diver, 1 raffle ticket $10
    • Steven Laley, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • Danny Lee, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • Dale Libby, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • David Stafseth, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • Kevin Stifter, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • Clayton Whitehead, 1 raffle ticket, $10
    • Congzhong Zhan, 1 raffle ticket, $10

Oh Houston Illini, listen well,

for we've got a story to tell,

Of two Illinois Roadie coolers that are white and orange too,

They are YETI®'s and are calling to you!

The Houston Illini Club is raffling this prize,

Two UIAA-donated YETI®s, each a $300 value and size,

Illinois Roadies are a true delight,

A perfect gift for summer days and nights.


And all the proceeds, go to our cause,

Of our scholarship fund that Illini will applaud,

So come on Illini, let's show our might,

By purchasing a raffle ticket and supporting our plight.


One raffle ticket for $10, or six for $50

Or go all in, with thirteen tickets for $100, oh so pretty, 

Every raffle ticket purchased is a chance to win,

One of two YETI® Illinois Roadie coolers, so let the excitement begin!


So what are you waiting for, don't hesitate, 

Join the raffle today and participate

Support our scholarship fund, with a heart heart so true,

And give yourself a chance to win a YETI® that's meant for you!

Event Details


6:00PM - 6:30PM Mon 15 May 2023, Central timezone


St. Arnold's Bar (Section 104) of Minute Maid Park
501 Crawford Street
Houston, TX 77002

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